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“Being a candle is not easy; in order to give light one must first burn”. Rumi
Have you ever felt like that candle who is burnt out either by giving, caring or loving others more than you could and not receiving back that light or just having certain dark, unwanted thoughts that gives you feelings of pain rather than joy. It is hard, isn’t it? But we are all humans and it is okay to seek help. I believe that no matter what we have been through in life, every one of us with the right support and their motivation for a change has the power to discover that light in their lives and be able to shine again.

I was always fascinated with the immensity of the topic of the human mind. It started when I worked as a nanny and the curiosity of my reactions and feelings to young children behaviours and to others led me to want to understand even more this powerful human tool and the reasons why I am who I am and feel in certain encounters.
It wasn’t until few years later when meeting and talking to vulnerable adults during my 10 years experience in fitness industry and also going through mindfulness meditation retreat that this curiosity got even stronger and my desire in listening to people’s life stories and wanting to help them to understand themselves and the mysteries of the human situation in plain words led me towards the therapy realm.

I thought someone else would give me answers to certain questions about myself and my feelings but I became aware that with the right support and help and in our own time, we all can find the answers within ourselves because only we know what is best for us.

So my intention to serve you as a counsellor is to invite you into a safe, warm and non-judgmental space where you feel heard and understood and where we can work together in your search and understanding of yourself, your feelings, thoughts and help you to grow through this process of self-acceptance and healing. In this space I am able to support and help you to confront your pains, discomforts and joys. I offer you an opportunity to expand another perception and explore new options and ways of managing your issues.

Session Pricing

Low Cost Individuals: £20 - £35 Individuals: £45